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Why does Nike hate women?

Another day, another stereotypical colourway on a women’s sneaker, the cycle continues. Exhibit A: Air Jordan 1 Mid South Beach

Exhibit B: Air Jordan 1 Mid White/Cyber-Active-Fushia

Mids aside, who above age twelve, is stepping out in these? Any takers?

A common topic surrounding women’s sneakers is colourways. Most recently those that surfaced for the Air Jordan 1. Women’s sneakers often have white or pink on them, sometimes both. The two colours work well together, but when pink appears on roughly 90% of women’s sneakers you have to ask: where is the variety? Has a colour wheel been used, are the designers failing to read the room?

Surely, brands can go back to the drawing board. Look at the women’s releases that had the best responses and attempt to combine what went well in their following releases. Is there genuine inclusivity in the sneaker industry when one side remains overlooked more than they’re acknowledged?

Before these recent drops, Nike found a balance, and the world knows what Jordan can produce when it comes to women's exclusives. They've dropped the UNC Patent, UNC To Chicago, Satin Black Toe, Satin Shattered Backboard, Melody Ehsani Fearless 1s and more. Jordan showed progress, then followed up by backtracking. Rightfully so, women have not held back on how they feel about these releases. They aren't here for these colourways, at all.

The three main points observed from the responses were that women want to see a variety of colours on sneakers. They want the designers to experiment with the colour wheel as much as possible. To have colourways released in unisex sizes, which has been done before for many releases. And finally for colourways to be released in both men’s and women’s sizes.

However, what everyone must understand is, brands will consider if a decision creates a profit or a loss before anything else. If the demand matches the supply if the outcome trumps the production costs, the list goes on. In this climate, not every side will be satisfied, but there is still room for improvement in the industry as it continues to grow. However, Nike and other brands can reflect on one point raised; experimenting with colours, as it's the least they can do.

Brands should be conducting and referring to market research to prevent the continued irritation from their audiences.

What do you think brands can do to improve? Let us know below.

Stay home, stay safe & stay wavy!

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