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SNKRS: How To Win Exclusive Access

There are two ways to win new sneaker releases on SNKRS; raffles and Exclusive Access.

Raffles are the usual process on release day. You'll select your size, confirm your payment and billing information, then enter the draw. Hoping that your entry, out of hundreds of thousands, gets picked.

Exclusive Access, on the other hand, is just as good as it sounds. But depending on many factors can be extremely rare or a constant reoccurrence. The benefits of Exclusive Access are that you can purchase a sneaker ahead of its release date, after its release or sometimes only via Exclusive Access. Who wouldn't want that?

Recently Nike released a short post on the ins and outs of Exclusive Access and how you can get that VIP treatment. Below are the main takeaways:

  1. Exclusive Access invitations extend personalized purchase offers to members of the SNKRS community based on their engagement with the SNKRS app.

  2. The more a member engages with content and releases, essentially increases how likely they are to receive personal Exclusive Access invitations.

  3. Exclusive Access does not mean a pair is reserved but assures first chance at the product.

  4. Invitations for Exclusive Access to the Nike x Off-White Dunk on SNKRS will be available to select members on August 9 and continue over multiple days.

If you're not interacting with content on SNKRS, it's time to start now.

Head over to SNKRS to find polls for the upcoming 50 Nike x Off-White Dunk Low models releasing in August and beyond, SNKRS Live sessions, Kickcheck, Behind the Design and much more. There's content for everyone.

Download SNKRS:



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