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In the four years since the SNKRS App launched, its influence on how high demand sneakers are released is clear as day. Raffles are the go-to. SNKRS can boast heat releases such as the Off White "The Ten" Collection alongside unconventional drops that no one wants.

SNKRS Day is known for restocks of sneakers that dropped in the last year through exclusive access, draws or scratch cards and the SNKRS Pass. After the disappointment that was SNKRS Day 2020 (read about it here), expectations were high. But, once again, Nike bamboozled and hoodwinked everyone for the second year in a row.

At 7:30 AM via Exclusive Access, the Nike Air Huarache & Air Jordan 1 Low 'SNKRS DAY' released - with both silhouettes featuring a distinctive animal print inspired by the 2006 Air Max 1. Followed by the Apparel, also covered in animal print at 8:00 AM.

As the first drops of the day, it was clear sneakerheads weren't feeling either. Comparisons to the famous leopard print Kat Slater wears on EastEnders were flying all over Twitter and the Discord chat, and unsurprisingly many people agreed.

The Off-White x Nike Dunk Low shoebox appeared on the SNKRS feed just after 10:00 AM and got people talking about an early release: but disappeared soon after.

At 11:00 AM, the first SNKRS Live interactive experience took place, giving users a glimpse of the 'SNKRS DAY' AJ1 Low and Air Huarache on the feet of the presenters, Will and Az. Who played a game of Jenga that lead to the following questions:

Two hours passed, but no sneakers dropped. At 1:00 PM, the most "exciting" part of the day took place. SNKRS Live: The Process began. Users heard from three Nike designers (Laura Song, Timo Wesseling and Romain Le Strat) while creating the SNKRS Day 2022 sneaker.

As voted by users, the SNKRS DAY 2022 confirmed sneaker is:

Following the SNKRS Live, the 'SNKRS DAY' AJ1 Low and Air Huarache dropped back to back at 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM. As if anyone genuinely wanted to enter a draw for either sneaker.

By this point, everyone was over SNKRS Day. What should have been a good day from start to finish was straight-up trash. 2018-2019 had the best lineups and most creative ways to win sneakers, but it seems Nike is pushing for users to interact with SNKRS content more than ever. With nothing as a reward.

The SNKRS Late Show at 5:00 PM saw performances from Ms Banks and Central Cee - with a surprise drop announced at the end by the host, Tiffany Calver. The surprise drop was no surprise at all. The upcoming Air Jordan 4 'Lightning' brought SNKRS Day to a dry end.

It's not often that people don't enter a single draw on SNKRS Day but, that was the case this year. We ran a poll on Twitter at 2:00 PM to see how people felt about SNKRS Day, and the results speak for themselves:

Overall, it wasn't a good day. But like the clowns we are, we'll be back again next year for SNKRS DAY 2022 with coverage and hopefully a more positive and rewarding experience.

Nike, you can't keep getting away with this!

A song for you to listen to: SL ft. M1llionz - Versus

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