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SNKRS Day 2020

August 8th 2020, marked the SNKRS app third anniversary, which meant sneakers from the past twelve months would be restocking throughout the day for EU Sneakerheads only. However, SNKRS Day 2020 didn't quite live up to the hype.

Before SNKRS day officially began, images and videos surfaced online of what drops EU sneakerheads could expect to uncover. These included the Chunky Dunky, Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Black, Air Jordan 1 Court Purple, OW x Nike Dunk Low Pine Green & University Red as well as the Stussy x Nike Spiridon Fossil and much more. People expected much, but unless you got Exclusive Access for at least 90% of these sneakers, the day was an L. This tweet summed up the day:

The first drops of the day were just after 09:00 BST for the Nike x Sacai LD Waffle Black and White, as well as the Air Max 90 Duck Camo, all via Exclusive Access. With the final drop of the day at 16:30 BST for the Air Max 1 SNKRS Day White available to cop via a draw. If you didn't get Exclusive Access, the only way to cop was through the usual draw only used for the three sneakers not many wanted. However, the draw that kicked things off in the UK was the Air Max 1 SNKRS Day Brown at 10:00 BST, with the next restock of a handful of Dunk Lows an hour later at 11:00 BST.

The events of the day left people who woke up early feeling like this:

We don't know what was going on over at Nike HQ, but the developer that allowed the OW x Air Jordan 5 to go from 'Notify me' to not dropping at all won't stay in that job for much longer. These were coincidentally the only sneaker that you had to look for, hidden in the Chicago Collaborators' Collection. At 12:45 BST, fifteen minutes before the supposed draw we received a notification, one o'clock came, and they sold out faster than you could say SNKRS. They didn't release, to begin with, it was a shambles.

If we go across the pond to France (Baguette Twitter), they had a better experience than us in the UK. They had restocks of the Air Jordan 4 Black Cat, Air Jordan 1 Pine Green, the OW x Air Jordan 4 Sail, the Dunk Low Syracuse, Kentucky and Plum. Some through SNKRS Pass which the UK didn't have and others through Early Access.

Overall, it wasn't a good day to be an EU sneakerhead much to Nike's unlikely disappointment. Word on the grapevine is that people would have preferred for this SNKRS Day to be like the SNKRS Day in 2018 and 2019. With a list of clues that you'd use to unlock sneakers on the app, for all restocks to be draws and to scratch images to unlock sneakers.

But, how did you find SNKRS Day 2020, did you grab any Ws or was it all Ls?

Below are the sneakers and official times (BST) they restocked. What was the best restock of SNKRS Day?

SNKRS Day 2020 Restocked Sneakers

Will you be participating in SNKRS Day next year or skipping it?

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