Sneaker Sizing: When Will It Become Inclusive?

It's the lack of inclusive sizing for women.

Time after time, year after year, release after release. The same frustration is a topic of discussion; the lack of inclusive sizing.

Within the sneaker community, it's no surprise that this issue is raised mostly by women. Many releases start at a men's UK 6, leaving women who wear smaller sizes without a chance to enter a raffle or cop a sneaker. Some might recommend grade school sizes as an alternative, but the shoe usually has modifications. You can say the same about women's exclusives; the shoe isn't always the same.

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You can suggest that brands don't always offer a full-size run on releases because the demand for a particular release isn't necessarily high. However, full-size runs are nothing new. Most recently, the Nike Dunk Low Retro 'Black White' was available in a full-size family-run: from Toddlers to Men's and Women's. Therefore inclusive sizing isn't impossible, but more likely selective.

With the lack of inclusive sizing comes the modifications to silhouettes for women's exclusives. The Air Force 1 Shadow and Pixel are both positive examples of changes as both models sell-out almost instantly. But, the Nike Dunk Low Disrupt pictured below, on the other hand, was, an answer Nike provided to frustrations raised. Clearly, they weren't giving what Nike said it's supposed to gave.

Photo credit: Nike

All women wanted, was for Nike to release the same Dunk Low models that released in men's in inclusive sizes. In response, Nike modified the OG and created a sneaker that didn't appeal to the masses. Rather than expanding the available sizes, Nike chose to design a completely different shoe exclusively for women. What's not clicking?

Women's exclusives are on the rise, but there's always that desire from the designers to use pink. With hundreds of colours to choose from, it looks lazy as pink is the colour designers tend to fall back on. Both brands and designers then expect their female audience to be happy about another pink colourway as if they haven't seen enough already.

Hopefully, with more people speaking up about this issue, women and men, brands will seriously start to pay attention to their audience and what they want instead of dismissing the constant dissatisfaction from women.

As someone interested in sneakers, there are many things that you'll experience. Such as taking an L on SNKRS or getting bumped by resellers, but not being able to buy a sneaker because your size isn't available and there's no alternative shouldn't be one.

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