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How To Win On The SNKRS App

Are you tired of taking Ls and missing out on releases? Do you refuse to pay over retail for Jordan 1s? Are you also ready to add new sneakers to your collection? Well, check out these tips which will hopefully, lead you to some Ws or even your first W on the SNKRS app.

The SNKRS app is where Nike release their 'highest-demand sneakers,' using a raffle system. Some sneakers that dropped this year on SNKRS include the Air Jordan 1 Royal Toe, the Nike Dunk Low Chunky Dunky, the Air Jordan 4 Black Cat and of course the OW x Air Jordan 4 Sail which is a solid shout for sneaker of the year. Now you have an idea of what sneakers release on SNKRS, let's get to these essential tips to increase your chances of copping.

Download the SNKRS app:



Update SNKRS

If your SNKRS app isn't running the latest software that will make copping even harder, as Nike developers usually update SNKRS every month, focusing on bug fixes and enhancements.


You can't just turn up on release day having left the app neglected for weeks expecting to grab a W. Browse the app, look at the upcoming releases, the main feed, check out what's in stock, explore the discover page. Even if you don't grab a W on release day, this can lead to you getting Exclusive Access, which essentially reserves and assigns a sneaker to you.

We found this gem of Twitter explaining how you can get Exclusive Access, straight from Nike:

Notifications & Likes

Turn your notifications on for every single release you want to cop, well ahead of the release day. You can also 'like' releases on the app, the more interaction, the better your chances are.


Save your billing address and payment information in the app and activate Face ID or Touch ID, for a quick checkout. Sneakers will drop at 8:00, and be sold out by 8:01. You don't want to manually fill in your card details when thousands of other people have already copped using Face ID/Touch ID then closed the app by 08:01. Don't play yourself.

Enter raffles

You're not going to win anything unless you enter a raffle, enter as much as you can, especially for the sneakers you want most! As you enter raffles, you'll notice SNKRS have three different types; FLOW, LEO and DAN.

FLOW: Used for general releases, with a first-come, first-served format.

LEO: Used for semi-exclusive releases, you enter a queue and get notified if you've grabbed an L or W in 2-3 minutes.

DAN: Used for the most exclusive releases. Your name gets put in a draw, and you'll get the results back in 10-30 minutes.

Check the app daily

The same way you use Twitter and Instagram daily is how you should use SNKRS. Daily use will introduce you to shock restocks. The Air Jordan 1 WMNS Satin Snake originally released on August 6th only to drop again on August 14th. Which you wouldn't have known about if you didn't check the app or have a plug. You're more likely to cop when there's a shock restock as the fewer people that know, the better your chances are.

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With thousands of entries on SNKRS, you're not always guaranteed to get a W every time. But hopefully, by following these tips you'll grab a W soon enough, and especially for the sneakers, you want the most.

Try your luck at copping the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom 'Crater' on 03/09 at 08:00 BST and the Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Bio Hack' on 04/09 at 08:00 BST. Good luck!

For the regulars, how would you rate SNKRS? How many Ls or Ws have you had?

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