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How To Store Your Sneakers

Storage can be a walk in the park for some and a struggle for others, especially if space is limited.

You might reserve that room on top of your wardrobe for your sneakers, or stack them against the wall. Maybe you store your sneakers beneath your bed or display them on a shoe rack. On a bookshelf or floating shelves? The options are truly endless.


What's there to complain about when you can use what you already have and not spend any money? You can organise your collection however you want in different stacks such as brand, model, colour etc. Click here for more tips on organising your collection. Keeping your sneakers in boxes prevents dust or any unwanted substances getting onto your kicks. The only con is your boxes could potentially get damaged depending on how tall the stacks are.

Photo credit: mikepairs

Shoe Racks

If you want to rid yourself of boxes and want something practical and affordable, a decent shoe rack costs no more than £15. It won't leave you eating ice and crackers till your next payday. As your kicks will be exposed its inevitable that they'll become dusty unless you plan to clean them regularly or use a cloth as a cover.

Meerveil 6 Tier

EHC 10 Tier

The Hanger Store 10 Tier

Photo credit: amieejerrard

Floating Shelves

A step up from shoe racks are the aesthetically pleasing, clutter-free floating shelves. Are you after more floor space or a wavy backdrop for your IG feed? If so, these are for you. Stack your boxes on floating shelves or throw them out. Although the shelves remain fixed, you don't have to keep the same sneakers on display all year round. Display your recent pickups or your favourite sneakers, whatever you like. For that extra oomph, add some LED lights, standard or colour changing ones.

IKEA LACK Wall Shelf 30x190

IKEA LACK Wall Shelf 59x26

Justech LED Lights

Elfeland Colour Changing LED Lights

Photo credit: sofiaforte_

Shelving Units

Right at the very end of the scale are bookshelves and shelving units. These are the preferred methods for collections on the larger side. If you have a smaller collection mix your sneakers with; books, console games, art, plants, pictures or whatever your heart desires to utilise storage space.

IKEA FLYSTA Bookcase 69x132

IKEA BILLY Bookcase 40x40x202

IKEA BILLY Bookcase 80x40x202

IKEA BROR Shelving Unit 85x40x190

Photo credit: sallyssneakers

Plastic Drop-Front Boxes

An honourable mention has to be the plastic drop-front containers from The Container Store. Over the past two years, these have gained popularity and become the go-to for many. If you like boxes, but want something that allows you to see the pair inside, keep your kicks dust-free and has easy access, what more could you want?

Boxes are available in the following colours: clear, red, blue and black. Large and small sizes, individually or as a case of 6. Cop a box for a reduced price in the sale now! See if you like it then go back for more.

Clear Small Drop-Front Box

Clear Small Drop-Front Box Case of 6

Clear Large Drop-Front Box

Clear Large Drop-Front Box Case of 6

Photo credit: thecontainerstore

How do you store your sneakers? If you could choose one method, what would it be?

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