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How Not To Crease Your Air Forces

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a love-hate relationship with Nike’s most timeless sneaker, the Air Force One.

You’ll see a wavy pair drop, cop it and let it fester cobwebs as it remains the most unused crep in your collection, all because you don’t want to crease them. We hate to break it to you, but creases are inevitable.

Nike could change the material of Air Forces to one that doesn't crease so easily but then, how would they make a profit? Since we always cop another pair when the last one is done out ere.


There's always a bunch of crease prevention tips flying about, but here are some that work best for us, leaving little to no creases. If you, yes you, want to prevent creases it's time to start taking notes.

Tip 1: Don't Wear Them

This is the most important tip of all, if you don't want to crease your Air Forces. Don't wear them.

No, but seriously, here are our top tips to prevent creases:

Tip 1: Cardboard Shoe Shield

You see that weird cardboard shoe shield that comes tucked away inside of your Air Forces? Keep it. That helps your Air Forces to keep their shape, when they're not being worn and especially after wearing them.

Tip 2: Socks

Two tips split into one. Firstly, when you're not wearing your Air Forces, stuff a pair of socks into each foot to maintain shape. Secondly, wear thick socks when rocking your Air Forces, as they occupy any empty space.

Tip 3: Walk Flat Footed

Now, not everyone will agree with this tip as your mates may clown you for the way you're walking, but if you really don't want to crease your crep, this is how not to. If your first step is you applying pressure to your toes, let’s face it your Air Forces are dun out ere from the jump. The trick is to apply pressure to your heels, you might look a bit silly but you won't have creases.

Tip 4: Double Up

Buy two pairs. One for special occasions that don’t involve too much walking & one for your everyday beaters. We’re slowly wrapping our heads around Nike increasing the price of Air Forces from £50 to £70, if you want to find out why check out our blog on The Inflation of Sneaker Prices that covers the contributing factors.

Tip 5: Half Sizes

This is where plenty of people go wrong, we cannot stress this enough. You should be buying your Air Forces half a size down to your regular size, for example if you're a UK 6 go down to a UK 5.5. If you're one of the lucky ones with small feet don't forget to check out the Grade School section on sites to cop a pair for £50 instead of £70!


How To Style Your Air Forces - Fashion

Jeans, joggers, trousers, bootcuts.

Air Forces, especially an all white low pair have the ability to work well with both formal and casual fits. They look best when exposed, making them the standout item when it comes to your outfit. If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a bunch of looks:

We hope that with these five tips you'll never see creases in your Air Forces again.

If you have any tips think we missed out, comment them below!

Like the look of the white & blue Air Forces, we've got you covered:

Mens: UK 5.5-12 available at Offspring for £74.99.

Kids: UK 3-5.5 available at Offspring for £49.99.


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Stay wavy!

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