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Nike Air VaporMax 97 'Black Reflect'

It's been way too long since we've done a Crep Check, but we're back with a review for the Nike Air VaporMax 97.

This year alone has to be the year that Nike have experimented and produced an insane amount of hybrids. We've seen the VaporMax Plus, Air Max 97 Plus, Air Max Plus 97 and more, & it's only August. What else do Nike have in store for the rest of the year?

Price: £184.95

Colorway: MTLC Hematite/White-Black

Retailers: Nike


If you know anything about sneakers, from the name alone you'll know that the VaporMax 97 is a hybrid of the Air VaporMax and Air Max 97. It's taken the sleek silhouette of the Air Max 97 and adopted the chunky VaporMax sole, the combination of the two models working well together. It's no secret the VaporMax 97 looks bulky and chunky, but like most sneakers nowadays they look a lot better on feet. Thanks to the Air Max 97 upper we have yet another Nike sneaker with 3M Reflective material as can be seen in the last image below, adding one tiny touch of waviness to take these sneakers to the next level. Because, who doesn't want their sneakers to glow?


Let's be real, these are overpriced. The fact that they cost more than the Air VaporMax Plus and don't look as good is ridiculous. Yes, they have the 'iconic' Air Max 97 upper which may be part of the reason why the price is so high, and the VaporMax sole but, are you really gonna spend almost £200 on these and be satisfied? That's up to you to decide. For those still unsure about the price, some time last week these dropped to £128.97 from £184.95 and of course, most sizes sold out on the same day. If that doesn't convince you that these were overpriced, we're not sure what will.


For that absurd price tag these have to be comfortable & they absolutely are. Thanks to the chunky sole every step feels as though you're walking on clouds, the Air VaporMax 97 is very light and pleasant on feet. They do fit true to size, but if you happen to own a pair of the Air Max 97 we would recommend copping these (only if you want to) in the same size as the fit is more or less the same.


If you had plans of wearing these with bootcuts you thought.....right, not bootcuts exactly, but wide leg trousers can work with these somehow. Don't worry, we're still comprehending this ourselves. These are the type of sneakers that look best, with jeans and white socks or trousers that hover & sit above the ankle. They allow the sneaker to take centre stage, and if you're dropping almost two bags (£200) on a pair of sneakers, everyone and their mother has to see them.


Summer in England is done, that heatwave that started at the end of May and lasted until early August was much appreciated. Until we meet again next year, that is, if we do. For this sake we'll do a Summer/Autumn fit.

Jackets: Leather | Denim | Windbreaker | Track Jacket

Tops: Cropped Jumper | Sweatshirt | Cami | Graphic T-Shirt

Bottoms: Skinny Jeans | Ankle Grazer | Cigarette Trousers | Joggers

Accessories: Chain/Necklace | Nike Socks (White or Black) | Sunglasses | Hoodie

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Stay wavy!

Cover image: Nike

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