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Nike Air Max 95 'Grape'

Air Max 95 Grape

Allow us to re-introduce the women's exclusive Air Max 95 in Grape that was last retroed in 2015. The Air Max 95 debuted in 1995 in the infamous OG Neon colourway, it was unlike any sneaker that Nike had done before, and has since been released more than ten times in the last twenty years.

Price: £120

Releases: '10, '15 & '18

Colorway: White/Emerald Green/Wolf Grey/Court Purple

Retailers: Nike - Offspring - Foot Locker - Size - BSTN - Footasylum*

Retailers with an asterisk (*) sell the Air Max 95 Grape at a reduced price.

The reception the 95 first received was fairly balanced, some loved it and others weren't convinced. Although, this was the case this didn't stop rappers from rocking it:

It even found it's way into gang war between Bloods and Crips. Bloods opted for the 95 and Crips the 98. What side would you have preferred to be on?


With an Air unit in the forefoot of the 95, it set itself apart from previous models, becoming the first sneaker to adopt this detail. It was designed by Sergio Lozano and has had a few tweaks over the years, his inspiration for the design was the human body. The layered panels in the upper represent muscle fibres and flesh, the eyelets for the laces are the ribs, and the ridges in the midsole represent the spine.

Unlike the OG Neon colourway, the 95 Grape is decked out with leather, synthetic leather-so expect some creasing-and mesh in white and three shades of grey creating a captivating gradient. It's complemented by rich purple and emerald green accents for the eyelets, tongue, swoosh and Air unit on the sole creating an impressive colourway that has appeared in later Air Max models, the 97, 97 Ultra, VaporMax Plus and VaporMax 97. It's no secret that the Air Max 95 is a chunky shoe, but it does have potential to grow on you.


The standard price for the Air Max 95 is £120, so it's no surprise to see no change in price. If you plan on copping these you should be glad that Nike didn't increase the price, which they could have easily done, considering the last release was way back in 2015. It's also helpful that the 95 isn't an extremely popular Air Max model like the 97 or 98 or there would have definitely been a higher price tag. All in all, you get your moneys worth, the 95 can last for an eternity thanks to the thick sole that is able to withstand almost anything.


It all boils down to the shape of your feet, some say the 95 is true to size where others would suggest going half a size up or down. To find your best fit we would recommend that you try them on in store, even if they don't have the colour you want in stock, it gives you a clear indication of what size you should choose. Another option could be to hit up a friend or ask a sibling who has them and wears the same size as you, or if you're 'rich' you could buy all three sizes as one is bound to fit, practical but stupidly expensive.

With Air units at the forefoot and heel this type of cushioning provides all-day comfort. Contrary to what you may assume the 95 is light on feet, of course it doesn't have that barely-there feel like a Presto or Balenciaga Speed Trainer but, it doesn't weigh your feet down.


It goes without saying that there will be people with gigantic feet wearing 95s with skin tight skinny jeans that appears to be a second skin, looking like fashionable 'clowns'. You can choose to guide them or leave them to learn that, that's not the best or most ideal way to style them. As Hannah Montana once said in Nobody's Perfect; Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. We've all been there.


In summer, jackets become an accessory, so for this purpose we'll scrap that section and continue as normal.

Tops: Baseball Jersey | Chiffon Shirt | Polo | Football Shirt | Crew Neck

Bottoms: Joggers | Mom Jeans | Ankle Grazers | Skinny Jeans | Cotton Shorts

Accessories: Bucket Hat | Watch | Anklet | Sunglasses | Chain

The Air Max 95 looks best when worn with slightly baggy and sometimes tight or slim-fit joggers, jeans or trousers. Where the ankle has been rolled up or is cuffed and rests just above or on the ankle. Not taking too much away from your sneakers, especially if they're a bright colourway. You can only really get away with skin tight bottoms if you have serious super sauce, but as we always say wear whatever makes you comfortable. For all we know, you may think this whole fashion section is trash, so who are we to judge?


This has been another lengthy one, congratulations, for making it this far! We hope this has helped to seal the deal on you buying these or not, let us know if there's anything else you want us to cover in our Crep Checks. As well as Crep Talks, what do you want us to discuss? As there are plenty of positives and negatives in the sneaker community.

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Stay wavy!

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