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Nike Air Max 98 'Gundam'

If there's one Nike sneaker we could encourage you to buy, sneakerhead or not it is definitely the Air Max 98.

Since the second release of the Gundam in January, Nike have released additional colorways: Tour Yellow, Gym Red, White Fossil, Triple White, AJ6302-100. All with many more to come. Back in 2016 to no supprise Supreme and Nike collaborated once again, for the Air Max 98 this time, click here to find out more. Who knows what Nike have in store for the future of the Air Max 98, could we see another collaboration with Supreme or even a surprise collaboration with OFF-WHITE, since that's the wave right now.

Price: £145

Releases: '98 & '18

Colorway: White/University Red/Obsidian


Let's be honest, you can never go wrong with the combination of red, white and blue. No, we're not being patriotic-come to the UK!-we're stating facts. These three colours mesh together to create a true masterpiece in the Gundam. The obvious feature the 98 has kept from its senior, the Air Max 97 is the air bubbles, also known as, the infamous Air Technology. They run along the midsole in a vibrant shade of red. On top of that we have the Air Max branding on the tongue and the outer parts of the heel. What makes the AM98 stand out from other Nike sneakers is the intricate execution of varying accents. Take the lacing, made up of red and black 3M elastic webbing straps, complemented by ice white laces. The red swoosh on the upper with a black border, and the tongue including all three colours. As you can see we could go on but, we'll leave it there.


Unfortunately, the Gundam was not available in Kids sizes, if your size wasn't stocked that is highly unfortunate but the show must go on. Getting your hands on a pair of 98s for £145 is a steal, for a similar price as the Air Max Plus and Air Max 97, you're getting a better-or-lesser shoe depending on how you look at it. Simply for the popularity, somewhat exclusivity and quality of this particular sneaker the price is justified. However, with some questionable colorways popping up for £160+ we're not certain if we can say the same, but you be the judge.


True to size, the perfect fit. Don't go a size up or down, because you will voluntarily play yourself as these 98s only come out once in a blue moon. Twenty years since the first release, is a hell of a long time. The sneaker is lightweight, durable and has a cushion-like on feet feel. The first wear may or may not take a few minutes of wear, for your feet to get accustomed to your instep or foot shape. After that, you'll feel like you're walking on clouds.


As always, this is a bootcut free zone. If you own the Air Max 98, the Gundam especially, you know this is the one item on your outfit that will stand out the most, by default. We love simplicity when it comes to eye-catching colours, we'll go back to basics for this one: Black, Red, White & Grey. You can't go wrong with those four colours.


Jackets: Denim | Leather | Windbreaker

Tops: Graphic T-shirt | Half Zip | Crop Top

Bottoms: Joggers | Cigarrette Trousers | Skinny Jeans

Accessories: Cap | Bum Bag | Chain

Don't let our suggestions limit your fit, look in your wardrobe & throw something together. How would you wear the Air Max 98 Gundam?


Thanks for giving this a read, we hope you have a great weekend!

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Stay wavy!

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