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How To: Shop Streetwear & Street Style

If you're a student you'll know that adulting and living your best life don't always go hand in hand, sometimes you have to make decisions you were, and still aren't prepared for. Such as, saving your money by staying in or having a night out with your mates, forgetting about your financial situation and worrying about it the next day when you're most likely hungover and dreading to look at your bank balance.

With the information we drop below, you'll find a balance and be able to do both.

Streetwear isn't only what sneakers you have on your feet, it's your entire look. We've created a list of different retailers that sell affordable clothing and sneakers that you can throw together, to create the perfect streetwear outfit.

1. Zalando

First up we have Zalando, a well known online store with a substantial amount of brands, you're practically spoiled for choice. Not only are there a variety of popular streetwear clothing brands such as Champion, Kappa, The North Face & Fila to choose from, but there are a bunch of sneakers and accessories you can find as well. If you want to create an outfit and acquire items for an affordable price, Zalando is a shout.

Don't forget to use their 10% student discount you can get from UNiDAYS!

2. oki-ni

A luxury retailer with premium, high end brands and pricing. If you've got the cash & can afford it oki-ni is our recommendation for the Stone Island or Canada Goose jacket you have your eye on. If you want some Valentino's too, this is the site to shop on. Clearly, oki-ni is at the other end of the price spectrum, but, they do have regular sales, to save some more cash sign up to their mailing list.

3. MandM Direct

Now, they may not have the most glamorous website, but there are plenty of hidden gems on there. Similalry to Zalando they always have a variety of wavy garms in their clearance/sale section throughout the year.

4. ASOS Marketplace

Think vintage. ASOS Marketplace is an online boutique featuring vintage brands. As well as, creating a platform for independent brands. Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Fila, The North Face are just a few examples of popular streetwear brands that are sold on the marketplace. You can pick up vintage t-shirts and hoodies for under £5. What more could you want?

5. Pro-Direct Select

Fashionable sportswear all clustered into one. You have the luxury of a wide variety of sneakers to choose from. From Converse, all the way through to Vans. They don't always stock the latest crep but their clothing selection is A1.

6. END.

Any & everyone knows about End Clothing, whether it be for their raffles or the products they sell. End is the go-to for everything streetwear, for both sneakers and clothing. Some products can be a bit pricey, but as we love saving some cash, we'll direct you to the sale section as always.

7. Fashaun Clothing

An independent clothing brand, that caters to people who love fashion. Giving a new perspective on how to use blue print with designs, logo placement, fabric cuts, ads and everything in between. They live by the following: Complex is simple, and simple is complex. The highly anticipated Season Six is now available so, head over to their website because you don't want to miss out!

Created by: Olaoluwa Shaun Faseru


Instagram: fashaun_clothing


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Stay wavy!

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