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How To: Streetwear & Street Style

Streetwear, a prominent part of youth and urban culture, with it's early origins in the African-American community in the USA. It found it's way into Hip Hop, not only in the lyrics:

1. A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa

Rick Owens, Raf Simons, boy she got it by the stock She ball until she fall, that means she shop 'til she drop

2. Migos - Versace

Versace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I'm 'Luminati

I know that you like it, Versace, my neck and my wrist is so sloppy

3. Jay Z & Kanye West - Otis

Couture level flow is never going on sale

Luxury rap, the Hermes of verses

But, also the fashion:

Since then, it's crossed the Atlantic Ocean and stopped off at the European coasts, gradually travelling inland. Upon it's arrival in London, England, it's stuck and never left. Somewhat evolving and being updated, but never losing sight of it's original foundations. The oversized jackets, the cluster of gold jewellery that still manages to glisten beneath the grey London skies. The combination between high street and high end brands, all a great mix.

With all of this comes the good choices and terrible mistakes that can be made in regards to streetwear: going overboard with one brand outfits and the layering of multiple brands. You think you look great, but unfortunately you don't. Too many large and vibrant logos can take your outfit from 100 to 0, so don't play yourself just because you want to show off your designer garms. If you're gonna show off, do it right.

Let's point one thing out, you don't have to be rich to look rich. Some high street brands are just as good as high end brands, so don't throw away all of your student finance to go broke trying to look rich.


For educational purposes we're gonna drop some wisdom on how to do streetwear properly, so that both your crep and fit look A1.

Tip 1: Pick one to two items or brands to focus your outfit around.

Create an outfit with items and brands that complement each other, depending on the weather & occasion you can work your way through different options. Take the Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet for example, with this sneaker you can throw on any designer or non-designer grey item such as a jacket, hoodie or t-shirt. Because, the Silver Bullet has a small Nike logo, whatever you choose to wear it with can have a larger logo. Therefore, both will balance out each other.

Tip 2: Work & play around with colours.

This doesn't mean that if you have all red sneakers your outfit has to match. That's far too simple and predictable. When creating an outfit look for accents and minor details in clothes, accessories or sneakers. If you have a t-shirt with a red brand name, logo or trim, or if you own a red and black North Face Nuptse jacket those will work well together. You also have the option to switch things up and work with grey, black and blue. All colours that look good when paired with red.

Tip 3: Shop vintage & think charity.

Now, too many people are sleeping on steals that you can find in charity shops. Not only are you improving your fashion sense and saving some cash, but your purchase is also helping someone. In charity shops you could find a Tommy Hilfiger shirt for a fiver (£5), and see that exact same item for sale on Depop for £50. Remember 2018 is the year of not playing ourselves kids!

Tip 4: Accessorise where possible.

This doesn't mean throw on that played out Off-White Industrial Belt (Virgil Abloh keep shining, King), that every Tom, Dick and Harry has. This means accessorise with jewellery, a hat, sunglasses, even add a bum bag to your fit. Remember, the aim is for you not to do too much, it's for you to look as wavy as possible.

Tip 5: Shop within your budget.

Don't go broke, trying to look rich. We've all had one of those days when a sneaker or item of clothing you've been eyeing has dropped, but our bank balance didn't agree with our desires. Students in particular, you don't want to end up eating ice for breakfast for a whole semester just to keep up with everyone else. You know deep down you can't afford it, but will dive head first into your overdraft for it. There's plenty of websites with discounted sneakers and clothes, you just have to look around. (A CREP TALK on this will be with you soon).

Tip 6: Do you!

At the end of the day, the way you dress should represent you & be unique to you. Don't follow trends, set them.


Since we've been away for a while, we thought we'd treat you to a long post, it's the least we could do, if you've made it this far 10 gold stars for you! No, but seriously, thanks for giving this a read, we appreciate it.

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Stay wavy!

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