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Top 10 Sneakers of 2017

Let's start this off properly: Happy new year & thank you, for joining us on our journey further into the sneaker community!

We're bringing you our first post of 2018 and hope it's something you'll enjoy. You can expect plenty of Discussions and Crep Checks coming your way this year as well as many other things, so stick around and subscribe! The first Crep Check will be dropping 08.01.18 at 19:45 GMT, any idea of what sneaker it is? We're expecting a few people to get it right, but we're not giving away any clues.


After careful deliberation, thorough and extensive research we've conjured a list of our Top 10 Sneakers that were either new releases or were popping in 2017. We thought 2017 was a great year for sneakers, definitely an improvement on 2016. What did you think?

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​1. Nike Air Max 97

First up we have the iconic Air Max 97, a sneaker we thought would never be released again in the Silver Bullet colorway. Let alone the entire sneaker. But, Nike seem to know what the people wanted and released plenty of colorways, with hopefully more dropping throughout the year. Which was your favourite?

2. Adidas NMD

Whether it be for casual or gym wear the NMD has possibly become one of Adidas' most popular sneakers last year alongside the Ultra Boost. Is the popularity due to the sneaker itself or the collaboration between Pharrell Williams and Adidas? We all know how influential collaborations with the right people can be for any brand.

3. OFF-WHITE x Nike "The Ten" Collection aka Virgil Abloh x Nike "The Ten"

Although this is supposed to be a singular sneaker, we had to sneak The Ten in somehow since the entire collab was so well received in the sneaker community. Each sneaker has it's own aspect of distinctiveness, and is complemented by a design we've never seen on a sneaker before. The Air Presto, VaporMax and Air Jordan 1 were some of the standouts and most popular sneakers in the collection. What was your favourite?

4. Vans Old Skool

Black and White, the colorway any and everybody was rocking in 2017. Vans are one brand that have kept their distinguishable look, which is most likely why they will continue to be popular, producing sneakers that we all want. Many people slept on their suede releases last year, we hope some of you were able to cop a pair.

5. Nike Air VaporMax

Like a handful of Nike sneakers the VaporMax is a running shoe, but has drifted more towards a lifestyle sneaker. It's priced at £169.95 (UK uni students Nike have 10% discount on UNiDAYS - use it), not too much and not too little. With this sneaker you have a new shape, unlike any other. Nike have really taken the concept of Air VaporMax technology to another level, usually the bubbles are hidden on the sole of any Nike Air Max but, with the VaporMax they're exposed for the world to see. Something that consumers like considering whenever a new colorway drops, it sells out as quick as ever. What are your thoughts on the VaporMax?

6. Nike Air Max Plus aka Nike TN

Where do we begin? We've never known a sneaker to be more slept on than the TN, however, in 2017 the exposure and acceptance it received was finally what it deserved. Who knows what 2018 holds for this sneaker, could it be more colorways or a surprise new design as we never know what new tricks Nike could be up to. Regardless, we hope you're looking forward to the future of the TN just as much as we are!

7. Balenciaga Triple S

We get that these aren't everybody's cup of tea and that some people absolutely love them and had to cop them as soon as news of the release dropped. Due to controversy and other factors, these had to have a spot on our list. Balenciaga have released a sneaker that's like nothing we've ever seen before, with a splash of modern and a futuristic twist. Do you want to see more colorways or think the Triple S should be discontinued?

8. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2

"Yeezy taught me", sorry we had to do it. Moving on, the Yeezy sneaker has to be one of the most popping sneakers on the market that always sells. The resellers must be laughing all the way to the bank with the resale prices. Were you able to cop a pair or did you miss out?

9. Nike Air Max 95

No favouritism for the bunch of colorways dropped in 2017 is included, if that's what you're after. At Crep Check Mondays we appreciate Nike for continuing the legacy and progression of this sneaker in the current crowded market, a classic that will continue to be worn in the future.

10. Adidas Ultra Boost

Versatility. Just like the NMD, the Ultra Boost can be worn casually or for working out or running. Either way the sneaker looks good, you can never go wrong with solid colourways for any sneaker, the black, white and grey all being appealing to the eye and the most popular sellers. Is this another step towards Adidas closing the gap between them and Nike?

Without you having to point it out, we know some of your faves, ours also, didn't make our Top 10, so to balance it out we've created an honourable mentions list:


You've reached the end and we just wanted to say a few things: we hope your 2018 is better than 2017, and that you step outside of your comfort zone and do whatever it is you've wanted to. We're hoping that you're able to cop every single sneaker you want, if you're just beginning your sneaker collection or adding to it, here's to growth!