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Top 10 Brands of 2017

In 2017 plenty of brands got exposure, and worldwide recognition, especially on Instagram. Of course, we have the expected sneaker brands but we've thrown in a couple of clothing brands that complement both your sneakers and your fit. We hope you enjoy another Top 10 list from us.

Keeping this one short and sweet, grab a Capri-Sun!

In 2017 plenty of brands were pushed into the streetwear and sneaker community, with only a few making the cut as the year wound down. A few, you would expect to find in this list and a handful making surprise appearances. All of the clothing brands we've selected have set a standard in the sneaker community and are here to stay.

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1. The North Face

In the cold and wet streets of London, the North Face Nuptse Jackets began to circulate amongst your average lad, they'd pair it with an Air Max 95 or the go-to Air Force One. Their fashion sense has managed to slither it's way into the sneaker community, making big, puffy jackets and sneakers a thing. If it's winter and you don't want to layer up because you want to show off your fit, throw on a Nuptse jacket or any puffy jacket & you're good to go!

2. Tommy Hilfiger

A brand with a simple yet distinctive logo, it's remained in rotation over the years and continues to be authentic. The windbreakers and colorblock jackets most popular in the sneaker community. A vibrant blend of colours that will complement any outfit.

3. Supreme

There's just something about Supreme that oozes wealth and exclusivity. In 2017 Supreme collaborated with Nike producing the Nike Air More Uptempo, and the Leather Nuptse Jacket with North Face. Both of which, have been integrated into the sneaker community alongside the infamous Supreme hoodies. Who knows what collaborations Supreme might have in store for 2018.

4. Puma X Fenty

This one's for the ladies, a collab that shook the table. From the slides, creepers and sneakers to fashion. Rihanna and Puma combined to gift the world with the iconic fashion sense of the original bad gyal, creating a perfect blend and balance between casual and extravagant. Will 2018 see more focus on footwear, or fashion?

5. Stone Island

Before you think Drake was the founder of Stone Island, we want to break it down for you. Stone Island has been popular in the UK, more specifically London, since the early 2010s. Drake's link up with UK Rapper Skepta, BBK and other artists has helped to put it on the map as Drake has embraced aspects of UK culture, and become somewhat of a trendsetter. Stone Island has shifted to fall under the streetwear fashion category, hence why it's been incorporated into the sneaker community, whether it's a jumper, jacket or beanie.

6. Champion

With a solidified spot in our list, Champion is one of the brands on the more affordable side out of the 10. The clothes are of a high quality and are very long lasting. Revive an outfit by throwing on a Champion hoodie, jumper or t-shirt, the simplicity and placement of the logo never draws too much attention from your sneakers.

7. Adidas

2017 was a good year for Adidas, a definite improvement on 2016. We saw the rise of the NMD thats's become a staple part of Adidas as a brand. The slim fit joggers are also an integral part of Adidas, with any and everybody rocking them, throughout the year. Preferred to Nike's Tech Fleece joggers, which looks better paired with the matching hoodie, & if you haven't got the hoodie to go with it we get why Adidas was the more popular choice.

8. Polo Ralph Lauren

A pattern is being created in the sneaker community, high end brands are weaving their way into streetwear fashion and helping us put together wavy outfits. Whether it be clothing or accessories Ralph Lauren will always be one of those timeless brands, especially because of the old school look the clothes have.

9. Nike

The most popular sneaker brand of 2017 or for the entire sneaker community, was obviously going to make our list. Nike continue to deliver year after year with both their sneakers and clothing, setting them apart from the rest. Showing others how a business should be run, with the customers at the centre. After some deliberation, the re-emergence of the Air Max 97 was our Nike sneaker pick of the year. Nike continue to push colorways and sneakers we all want.

10. Balenciaga

Balenciaga has held it's own in 2017. The sneakers the reason why it had to make our Top 10, the Triple S, Speed Trainer & Race Runners. How many of us wanted a pair of one of those sneakers and copped them, while the rest of us would have to live on crackers and water for a month or two just so we could save up to get a pair. Regardless of their premium pricing talk of the Triple S was on everyone's tongue towards the end of the year and has continued into 2018, with spring colorways being announced.

Would you replace any brands on our list? Let us know below.


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