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Nike Air Max Plus 'Wolf Grey'

Nike Air Max Plus 'Wolf Grey'

Let's begin 2018 with one of the most popular sneakers in 2017, the go-to Nike TN. A personal favourite for UK roadman (lol) alongside the stereotypical Air Max 95. The TN has been around for exactly twenty years, launching in 1998. Over the years Nike have tossed and lobbed a variety of colorways our way, some fire and a few questionable ones, but nevertheless, the TN has remained a popular choice. Picking up more recognition over the years in the sneaker community. If you're just starting your sneaker collection or simply looking for a new pair of sneakers, we will gladly recommend the TN. Keep reading to find out why!


The standout feature on the TN that no other sneaker, Nike or any other brand has is the synthetic cage that flows around the midsole, giving it a flame like look. The material covering the majority of the sneaker is mesh, soft & simplistic, allowing the caging to take centre stage. Of course we have to touch on the air bubbles, one of many things Nike is known for worldwide, Air Technology. Across the sole of the sneaker the sizes of the bubbles differ depending on where a certain amount of pressure is likely to be applied.

Price: £125

Colourway: Wolf Grey/Dark Grey/Pure Platinum

Retailers: Discontinued


Your average adult sized TN (UK 6-12) can cost between £124.99-£149.99, however, your average kids sized TN (UK 3.5-6) will only cost you £79.99. The best retailer for the TN is Foot Locker, so if you want a pair check them out because sizes sell out fast.

The TN is one sneaker we would encourage you to break the bank-if you would-for, simply because of the exclusivity of certain wavy colorways and how the sneaker looks. Plenty of times we've seen a sneaker before, wanted it and not bought it on first sight. A few days later you return to the website and it's no longer available in your size, a few months down the line and it still hasn't been restocked. Let's stop playing ourselves in 2018. We'll take the TN and compare it to the Air Jordan, the Jordan leads the price war as expected, but the TN holds more exclusivity if that's something that matters to you. The odds of you seeing someone in the same colorway in the unless it's Triple Black, Navy Blue or the Camo Green are pretty much 1/100.


True to size. Although the sneaker fits true to size the sneaker has to be broken in like many other Nike sneakers, such as the Air Force One. If you're rocking these for the first time and plan to be on your feet for a prolonged time beware, that the comfort won't appear straight away, but, when it does you'll appreciate the Tuned Air Technology even more. Overall, the TN is also very light on foot and durable, one thing to watch out for is the potential chance of scuffing that can appear at the patent leather toe.


If homeboy or homegirl comes through in these and bootcuts, it's quiet. Shout-out Bella Hadid for that opening. Moving on, if you haven't put the pieces together yet, Crep Check Mondays is and will always be a bootcut free zone. Long gone are the days of sneakers and bootcuts.

Below you can find a short list of items you can throw together to form your fit, never taking the attention away from your sneakers.


Jackets: Puffer | Windbreaker | Parka

Tops: Turtle Neck | Graphic T-shirt | Crew Neck

Bottoms: Cigarette Trousers | Ripped Jeans | Joggers

Accessories: Watch | Chain | Hoodie

We've also taken the liberty to provide visual guidance for you to gather an idea of how to style the Nike TN, if you're chilling or stepping out.

This is only the first of many Crep Checks we have coming for you this year, drop us some feedback in the comments below we'd love to read your thoughts & opinions.

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Stay wavy!

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