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Nike Air Max 97 'Reflective Silver'

If you thought the Silver Bullet was the best Air Max 97 colourway, the Reflective Silver is right beside - or even ahead of it - who knew changing the Nike swoosh from red to black and changing the tongue could make such a difference? We didn't. One thing that can be appreciated by Nike is their creativity when it comes to their designs. Dropping heat we didn't know we needed, but all want.

Since the drop of the Silver Bullet back in April 2017 Nike have released an endless amount of colourways and the 97 Ultra which have all gone down pretty well. But the question is: Is the continuous release of the Air Max 97 saturating the market & bringing down the once exclusivity and rarity of the 97? Let us know what you think below! Highsnobiety featured a post on 'Why Reissuing the Nike Air Max 97 Is A Mistake', which raised some interesting points, click here to read.

Price: £145

Releases: '18

Colourway: Reflect Silver/Black - Pure Platinum

Retailers: JD - Offspring​ - Asphalt Gold - The Good Will Out - Footasylum - BSTN - 43 Einhalb - Suppa Store


Inspired by Japanese Bullet Trains, the Air Max 97 adopts a futuristic design. 3M reflective piping is always a great addition to any sneaker, when done properly. With the laces the same colour as the tongue they take nothing away from the design and signify how simple elements have the capability to enhance a design. And, who doesn't appreciate a bit of air bubbles, with Nike you shouldn't expect anything less.

Images via 43einhalb


Considering the Silver Bullet was priced between £130-£140 on it's April and December releases last year, does five or fifteen pounds sterling really make that much of a difference? Considering you can go from being 'rich' to 'broke' with a click, we'd have to say: Yes. One thing that is not spoken about enough in the sneaker community is the subtle inflation of sneaker prices that brands don't think us as consumers notice. Of course, as competitors prices increase theirs will follow. But, when is enough, enough? When we'll be dropping almost two bags (£200) on a decent pair of sneakers a few years from now? Because, that's how it's looking. However, this is a Crep Talk for another day, so keep your eyes peeled!


True to size, no need to size up or down, The level of comfort is established due to the Air Technology, hidden beneath the heel and sole of your feet are two pods that absorb pressure making your experience as comfortable as possible. Not to forget the air bubbles that run along the length of the midsole, intensifying the experience.

Nike Air Max 97 Sketch

Image via Nike


This is a usually a bootcut free zone, but some people can pull off flared jeans or flared trousers with the 97. It will still always remain the focal point of your outfit.


Jackets: Windbreaker | Gilet | Leather

Tops: Crop | T-Shirt | Half Zip

Bottoms: Joggers | Camo Pants | Jeans

Accessories: Sunglasses | Hoodie | Watch

Any combination of colours can look good with this Reflect Silver colourway, experiment as you wish.


It's been real, thanks for reading!

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Stay wavy!

Cover image: 43einhalb

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